Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Twas the night before Hannukah

I am still working on two important major blog postings, but I can't resist marking this first night of Hannukah with a little reminder that it's good to take things light during this beloved festival which Yeshua also kept. Blessings to you and hag sameach, a joyous holiday.

Twas the night before Hannukah
And all through the shtetl,
Not a bubby was stirring,
Nor boychik, nor maidel.

With my heart feeling naches,
And my head in my capele,
I had just settled in
For a nice midnite shnapsele.

O what a surprise!
With a crash like lead bagels!
Who’s that? And what
Are they trying to finagle?

When out of the fireplace
A fine fellow stepped;
You could tell was no fresser,
Or shlemiel or mere shlep.

He had a huge nose
O’er a beard white and wavy,
And he held a great bag
Stuffed like kishkas and gravy.

Now I knew he was kosher
From his first “Oy gevalt!”
And he nipped from the fridge
A little herring mit salt.

He left chocolate for Yosel
And a CD for Tzvi
And just what Shoshanna wanted,
The new Pixar DVD.

So I rushed to the roof
As he scampered away,
Where he packed up his stuff
In a Cadillac sleigh.

It was hitched to eight belled pussy cats
To pull all that loot.
Really—they did nothing—
The fake antlers looked cute.

“On Morris, on Moishe, on Tuvye,”
he cried,
“On Ari, Max, Sheldon, on Sarah and Saul.
Let’s split from this joint,
And head back to the mall.”

Then I heard him exclaim,
As they rose into flight,
“To all a good Hannukah,
I’ll be back tomorrow night!”

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