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Is There An Unforgiveable Sin?

One of the manliest men I’ve ever known was the late Joe Flanagan, the father of a dear friend. Handsome, competent and a successful businessman, he had been a bomber pilot in WW2.

But Joe had a particular pain which grew deeper as he grew older: during a night bombing run, he had placed his bombs as he was ordered and after returning to base learned that a terrible mistake had been made. He and his squadron had killed Allied soldiers. The events left him humbled and heartbroken.

There's a term used when troops kills their own. It's called "friendly fire," a tragic, but common horror of war. Sadly, it often matches the way that believers treat each other. Or worse, it may be how we treat ourselves.

Some people are nursing deep, hidden feelings of guilt or condemnation. What began with the response of a healthy conscience has deteriorated into self-accusation--"friendly fire." And many people who don't know what the Bible teaches about sin and guilt h…