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Rev. Dr. Edward D. Brotsky (1918-2010): A Tribute

An era has ended. Edward Daniel Brotsky, a leading Messianic Jewish teacher, pastor, mentor and visionary is in the presence his Lord.

Ed Brotsky always seemed like a man out of his time. When I first met him over thirty-three years ago, he already looked out of date to my young eyes: a staid gentleman from a more conventional era. No one called him a pioneer or visionary. We didn’t know how much he had sacrificed to lay the foundations of the new Messianic Jewish movement.

A vigorous seeker after truth from a young age, Ed was born in Montreal and raised by Orthodox Jewish immigrant parents from the Ukraine. The family then moved to Windsor where his father worked on the Ambassador Bridge until an injury sent them them to Toronto for his rehabilitation.

Barely out of his teens, Ed’s search for answers to life’s larger questions finally led him to a week-long lecture series at a theatre in the north end of Toronto. The meetings featured Dr. Holzer, a Jewish believer from Seattle wh…