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Into the Light: From thinking about life to living with God

The sunlight of early spring poured into the professor’s office. As we sat around her desk discussing philosophy, I grew more dissatisfied with every answer.
“How did I make this mistake?” I thought. “Why did I think that philosophy would give my life meaning?” The face of my teacher was lined with her own troubles and I tried to explain my dilemma.
“I always thought that studying philosophy would lead to truth; wisdom for life.”
“No, Ben,” she began. “Those are not the purpose of our study. We’re examining the history of ideas…”
As she spoke I knew I was at a dead end. In my mind’s eye I could see all my teachers and fellow students turning a great wheel like clockwork machinery; producing ideas without end. They circled the truth—whatever that meant—and never reached it. No one could tell me if life had a real purpose or a larger-than-life reason for living.
The professor stopped talking. I agreed with her politely and promised to work harder to finish my essays on time.